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Kyle G. Anderson


Hire me for : Art Direction, Concept art, Illustration, Visual Design for video games and film.

Book cover art, Character design, Creature design, Action scenes, Environments, Weapons, Vehicles, GUI Interface Design, etc.


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Here is a new re-colored version of this piece especially done for my new 5-year old fan, who shares my name... Kyle Anderson.
























































Concept art JUMPGATE




























































Lord of the Rings Second Age Wraith King - Character Design for Radical Entertainment















Concept Art, Interface Design, & Game logo Design for Conquest: Frontier Wars published by Ubi Soft








New! Angel of Alchemy






New! The Last Stand - detail






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Concept Art for Film

















Kyle G. Anderson

Nov. 2010













The Last Stand







Reviews  from

"Wow! I almost forgot to read the story because I was so into the cover, 

the 3D elements and the awesome illustrations of this book! ... As you 

start to go through the book there are graphics that will knock your socks off, 

pull out notes from Antigonos, before and after pictures that look unbelievable 

and pull out pages that open up to wonderfully created posters. 

I was in awe of this book." - A. Jacobs






"...It reveals the dark nature of the vampire and the struggles that 

come with it...(and the illustrations just rock !)" - K. Roper